Security Upgrades to Consider for Your Home

If you are considering upgrading your home, to make it safer and more secure, you have more options today than you ever did in the past. There is no question that the future has arrived, and technology has provided you with more than a few automation features to make your space more secure, comfortable and even fun. Some things to consider when it comes to upgrading the security in your home can be found here.

Upgrades for Your Doors
If someone is trying to gain access to your home, they are going to start with the doors. If you don’t have a deadbolt lock on each entry door leading into your home, now is the time to install them. The deadbolt is the most effective way to keep burglars away.

You also need to make sure your doors are sturdy and strong. A hollow core wooden door is ok for the interior of your home, but not the exterior. Also, glass is something you should avoid in your exterior doors. Solid wood doors, steel doors and other metal materials is the best to keep intruders out. You can also upgrade the frame if it is rotted or damaged and move any exterior hinges to the interior of the home.

Upgrade Your Windows
Another common point of entry for intruders is your windows. You need to make sure these are also secure by making the following upgrades:

  • Make sure each window has a lock and that it is engaged at all times.
  • Install window sensors that will let you know if the window is forced, broken or jimmied.
  • Install glass break detectors that are sensitive to the sound of glass breaking.
  • Install cameras with clear views of your doors and windows.
  • Make sure that all shrubs and bushes near your windows are cut down so that intruders cannot hide behind them.

When you make the home security upgrades highlighted here, you can enjoy more peace of mind and have a safer and more secure home.

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