COVID-19 H&C Update 3-13-2020


Dear Valued Clients:

I wanted to reach out to update you on our company’s status in light of the ongoing corona virus COVID-19.  At H&C Security, we view the COVID-19 Coronavirus as a very serious potential threat to our team, who are the greatest asset in our company.  As of March 13 we are continuing to provide services and support as you have typically expected.

We have provided additional cleaning and sterilization methods to all of our team members; office staff and field technicians.  We also continue to communicate with our team to make sure they are following the proper public health protocols and using common sense practices outside of our offices.

You can feel confident that we are continuing to monitor your properties during this time.  Our dispatch center operates bi-coastal monitoring centers to provide redundancy not only for our advanced technologies but to ensure uninterrupted service.  Both are full-load centers able to handle all incoming signals should either center fail, which is not likely given the multiple redundancies designed within each center.  Should there be a sudden drop in personnel for any reason, the Interactive Voice Response system can be employed to address less critical notifications, freeing up available specialists to handle critical events and dispatching.

To access the most up-to-date information about the virus please visit one of the following sites:

We will be continuing to monitor this situation and will continue communications with our valued clients as needed.




Henry C. Sidok, Jr.


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