Business Security Tips: Common Tactics Used by Shoplifters

Believe it or not, each year, businesses all across the U.S. lose a significant amount of money due to shoplifting. If you have a retail store, you are likely painfully aware of this fact.

While there is no way to completely eliminate shoplifting, there are ways you can prevent these nefarious individuals from taking advantage of the five-finger discount.

The absolute best way to prevent shoplifting in your store is to stop it before anything is stolen. While this is easier said than done, there are some methods that will allow you to get the upper hand regarding your retail business.

Install a video surveillance system. These systems are able to help you control shoplifting. Also, if you have someone monitoring the video, you can get to know common behaviors of shoplifters and prevent this action altogether.

In addition to installing a quality video surveillance system, get to know some of the common tactics used by shoplifters, including the following:

The changing/restroom. Some shoplifters will take products into these areas and hide the items on their body or in their purse.

The baby carriage. Both men and women who are pushing a baby stroller may begin putting items inside.

New accessories. Watch for people coming in the store with no purse, hat or jewelry and leaving with these items.

Plastic or paper bags. Some shoplifters carry shopping bags from store to store and drop merchandise inside when no one is looking.

The best way to prevent shoplifting is by installing a robust business security system; however, getting to know the way shoplifters operate can also be beneficial.

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