Business Security: Holiday Shopping Security Tips

For retail businesses, with the holidays right around the corner, you are going to see an increase in foot traffic. This increase in traffic is also going to increase the potential of theft. If you want to reduce losses, such as shrinkable and shoplifting this holiday season, make sure to take steps to enhance your security efforts.

Protect Your Business Against Shoplifters
The holidays are a great time to push promotions and increase your sales. However, if you want to remain profitable, you will have to take steps to protect your business from shoplifting threats. To do this, try and implement the following security measures:

• Watch for fake or expired coupons.
• Look in baskets and shopping carts carefully and look for small items that may be easily stolen.
• Make sure high-cost items have codes or locks to keep customers from just walking out the door with them.
• Use surveillance cameras in the store, especially by entryways and registers.
• Attach EAS devices to expensive items.
• Watch for customers acting “funny,” or leaving the store and coming back repeatedly.

Take Steps to Eliminate Employee Theft
Unfortunately, your customers are not the only ones who may be putting your business at risk for losses during the holidays. Make sure that you have a plan in place for your worker’s as well. Some tips to protect against employee theft during the holiday months include:

• Install video surveillance cameras at your POS areas to watch for any suspicious activity.
• Give employees unique passcodes or passwords for using POS systems.
• Create special policies that will help deter theft, such as anonymous reporting.
• If you hire seasonal employees, make sure they are high quality workers.
• Check worker’s bags before they leave each day.

With the tips here, you can help protect your business from losses because of customers and employees.

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