5 Benefits of Installing Smart Locks in Your Home

Have you lost your keys again? Is your mom from 800 miles away waiting outside your home – and you’re still at work? Are you worried that you forgot to lock the door – again?

Do you know what all these situations have in common? They can all be solved with smart lock technology. If you have considered installing this in your home, then learning about the specific benefits it offers can help.

1. Control Your Locks with Your Phone
You can pair the Bluetooth on your phone with your smart lock to lock or unlock the fixture. This is a great feature if you have lost your keys. Also, you don’t have to worry about caring a huge ring of keys everywhere you go – it’s a win win!

2. Send and e-key to Friends and Family Members
When you have a smart lock installed, you don’t have to worry about people waiting outside if you aren’t home. You can send over an e-key, which is delivered via a mobile app.

3. You’re Lock Knows When You’re There
Thanks to integrated technology, there are some smart locks that actually “know” when you get close. As a result, they can be programmed to unlock when you are close enough or lock when you get too far away.

4. Smart Locks Provide Superior Security
Smart locks don’t use keys. This means they are extremely difficult for criminals to get through. Also, the digital encryption mode used can’t be broken or duplicated. As a result, your house is much more secure than if you were using a traditional lock.

5. Ideal for Physically Impaired and the Elderly
Thanks to quality technology, such as smart locks, life has been made much easier for the elderly and disabled. With this technology installed, someone who is disabled, or a senior citizen doesn’t have to worry about struggling with their keys.

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