5 Important Things to Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Security System

If you are ready to install a security system for your commercial building, you are going to find a wide array of options. Selecting the right cameras, alarm systems and access control options is imperative to your business’s overall security. Before diving in and purchasing the first items that come your way, be sure to consider the five factors here.

1. What quality of stream will the cameras provide?
Quality systems will provide HD streaming. However, the top-of-the-line options are going to offer 20+ megapixel, loss-free, HD streaming. This ensures you won’t miss any important details that are crucial in emergency situations, when completely clear images are required.

2. How easily can the system be scaled up?
While more affordable systems are fine, what happens when you need to add on? The fact is, trying to integrate new access entry points or surveillance cameras can be costly. Choosing a system you can scale up – infinitely – is the best option.

3. How easily will the system integrate with the existing IT hardware you have in place?
You should never attempt to install a security system that runs on a system separate from your IT infrastructure. This will cost more and create serious issues when it is time to scale up.

4. How long will installation take?
You need to find a security system that provides simple installation. Keep in mind, you may experience downtime while this is being done, so you need to ensure it will be as minimal as possible.

5. What happens if an outage or power surge occurs?
If there is a power outage, criminals have an “open door.” Avoid this by ensuring you choose a system with adequate backups in place. This will ensure your system is always on and working.

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