Tips to Keep Your Teen Safe at Home

Do you have a teen at home? If so, you know that they often stay there alone. You may be concerned for their safety. While this isn’t uncommon, there are a few additional steps you can take to ensure they are safe and secure while home alone. Use the tips here to do just that.

Install Entry Sensors
There are a number of unique ways you may be able to use entry sensors to keep your teens safe. In addition to installing them on windows and doors, consider placing these devices on the liquor cabinet or another location that teens should not be accessing.

While you won’t want the police called if a teen does happen to trip one of these sensors, you can have an alert sent to your phone or another device thanks to smart technology. This is a great way to give additional peace of mind to you when your teen is home alone.

Access Codes
With modern security systems, you can also give each member of your family a secret code to gain entrance to your home. Not only will this ensure you know when people arrive, you will also know who is coming and going and when. This may help to encourage your teen to remain home when they are not allowed to go out.

Give Your Teen More Responsibility
A great way to help encourage your teen to remain safe is to give them responsibility. Let them receive alerts on their phone regarding emergency situations, such as weather concerns and more. You can even teach them what to do in an emergency if they are home with their younger siblings when an emergency occurs.

As you can see, there are several ways you can keep your teen safe when they are home alone. These tips will help give you more peace of mind and help your teen feel more secure.

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