How Your Franchise Can Benefit from an Access Control System

If you own, or oversee a franchise that has multiple locations, replacing traditional lock and keys with access control keycards can help to improve overall security and make life easier, in general. The fact is, an access control system is a smart option for any type of business, especially those with high turnover rates.

With access control keycards, you can monitor who is coming and going, allow a single employee to access areas others can’t, and reduce security risks. Some of the specific benefits of installing an access control system for your franchise properties can be found here.

Simplify turnover. If you have an employee who doesn’t turn in their keycard when they leave, you can easily deactivate it. This is much easier and more affordable than having to rekey all your locks and then distribute new keys to all your workers.

Save money. While keycards can be reused, they can’t be duplicated the same way metal keys can. Printing a new keycard only costs your business a few dollars, and in some cases, can be done on-site.

Protect inventory. With keycards, you can easily keep track of who is coming and going. You can also limit access during certain times of the day. If someone does happen to steal, you can use access control records to determine who it was.

As you can see, access control systems offer a wide array of benefits, which are ideal for any franchise property. If you are ready to increase security while making it more affordable, then you should consider utilizing an access control system.

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