Helpful Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

Each year, shoplifting accounts for millions of dollars of loss for businesses all across the country. Some of the most common items stolen include watches, jewelry, music, books, clothing, and even car parts. While installing a security camera can help to identify suspects after the theft occurs, there are quite a few things a retailer can do to prevent shoplifting from taking place in the first place.

Some actionable tips that can help all types of retailers include:

  • Greet customers as they come into the store.
  • Watch for the customers who avoid eye contact, linger, are constantly looking for the employees, wander around the store or seem to be overly nervous.
  • Make sure your employees keep moving and walking around the store.
  • Maintain the store and keep it well-organized and clean.
  • Restrict the use of the fitting rooms to only customers who request them.
  • Install various anti-theft devices.
  • Create a shoplifting policy and make sure to enforce it.
  • Hire plenty of employees.
  • Talk to other businesses in the area about suspicious behavior they may have seen.
  • Keep items that are often stolen in plain view.

If you ever do suspect that a person is shoplifting, do not accuse them of this. Instead, just ask them if you can either help them or ring them up. Keep an eye on the person and contact security or a manager right away. You should never attempt to stop the person that’s shoplifting, and if they wind up leaving the store, try to provide a detailed description of the individual, as well as what they are driving.

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